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A Mom Goes to Sleepaway Camp for the Summer…

6.30.14 by

Yes, you heard that right, our friend Jenny is going where no mom has gone before… she is following her kids to camp! Jenny Isenman AKA “Jenny From the Blog,” now “Jenny from the Bunk,” is a pop-culture obsessed, card carrying Gen Xer, and the humorist behind the award winning site, The Suburban Jungle. She is bravely venturing into the unknown land of messy bunks, loud dining halls, and kid-filled canteens. We invite you to join us in following her journey to find out what really goes on behind-the-scenes, and share in the joy and gift of sleepaway camp.

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Summer 365

Happy Father’s Day

6.15.14 by

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! Today two fathers share their reflections on the summer camp experience for their children.

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I Wish I Got on the Bus

6.11.14 by

At Summer 365 we love hearing and sharing stories about people’s camp experiences. Here is an untold perspective of the magic that is camp…from a girl who never went.

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Dormify’s Picks for Summer 2014!

5.29.14 by

This week’s Camper of the Week / Camp Fashionista, Amanda Zuckerman, is teaming up with the Summer 365 Counselors to bring you her must-haves for Summer 2014! Seriously, everything on their site, from comfy bedding to cool accessories is so amazing, we wish we lived in a bunk to decorate ourselves! Check out her picks here, and visit Dormify to get 20% off all their amazing camp gear with our exclusive discount code: SUMMER365!

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Summer 365

Summer 365 Camper of the Week: Zoe Katz

5.22.14 by

Zoe is the ULTIMATE camper! She attended her all-girls, 8-week sleep away camp for seven years as a camper and one year as a counselor. (And now visits all the time!) She grew up in Scarsdale, New York, and now lives in Manhattan. Zoe is currently working in theatrical productions and corporate affairs at The Weinstein Company, a film production and distribution company. Maybe she can even get Harvey to make a movie about CAMP… where do we audition?! She still caries her camp bag that she got at age seven, remembers all her camp cheers, and has even thought about getting her camp logo tattooed on her ankle. Sound crazy to you? Sounds like a camp soul sister to us!

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