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Camper of the Week: Shelby Semel

8.21.14 by

The dog days of summer take on a whole new meaning today! Meet Shelby Semel, otherwise known as “the dog whisperer” to many of her clients and their adorable puppies! Shelby is one of the premier dog trainers in NYC and owns her eponymous dog training company helping pups, dogs, and their owners every day in group classes and private training sessions with her Positive Reinforcement Dog Training technique. So let’s give three (barks) cheers for Shelby and read on how her amazing camp experience shaped her into the person she is today!

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Summer 365 Camper of the Week| Zack Held | Instructor SoulCycle

7.24.14 by

Our Camper of the Week Zack is our favorite SoulCycle instructor and will be leading the blue and red teams in the GIVE SUM Color War Charity Ride today! He attended a performing arts camp and a traditional summer camp for four years, and definitely learned how to pump up his spirit during his summers cheering, acting, and singing.

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