The Summer 365 team is growing!! We nearly doubled our team this past year and are actively and strategically expanding our team and Summer 365 footprint to other key markets in the country with rockstar women. Our team of Counselors and Campbassadors collectively has 60+ years of experience. What are Counselors and Campbassadors? We’re glad you asked!

We currently have six independent consultants, or as we call them our Summer 365 Counselors, who work to engage and service families in their local communities and beyond. We also have a dynamic Campbassador program currently with seven (and counting) participants. A Campbassador is our version of a CIT (Counselor in Training). They are a Summer 365 enthusiast, supporter, ambassador and are mentored by a Summer 365 Counselor when engaging with clients.

Additionally, we are focused on online and social media marketing, which allows us to engage new clients from all over the country and around the world. Read more to get a full list of our team and their locations.

In efforts to make communication with everyone at Summer 365 as easy as possible, we have ONE email address you can send updates to….cue the cheers!!! [email protected]