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“We both feel so confident with her camp decision – that we couldn’t have found a better suited camp and no feelings that we left something undiscovered. Thank you so so much for your help and insight. I’ve been recommending you to parents of future campers because I think you are such a valuable resource in this process.”
“Just want to send you a quick note to thank you for everything including your brilliant suggestion. He had an amazing trip. This is very high praise as he headed to Seattle, WA with no prior camping experience, a phobia of open water swimming and a mortal fear of bugs. I wasn’t even sure he would make it through three weeks of camp, much less thrive, winning an award for best camper at trip completion. Thanks for taking the time to help me refine my objectives and summer plans. It was as if you knew him and were able to recommend great options for summer trips. Thanks also for steering us to [ ] which did a great job increasing his resiliency and self-sufficiency.”

“Our family is here at camp today, visiting our daughter. It is really the perfect place for her, and a very special camp. And we would not have heard about it except for you. I suspect this camp was life changing, so thank you.”



“I was extremely hesitant to send my child to sleepaway camp. There were many reasons, not the least of which was finding the perfect camp for my son. When I heard about camp consultants, I pictured a very different experience. What I got was someone who really listened to our needs, was patient with answering all of our questions, and truly understood what it was like to be in our shoes. Summer 365 was instrumental in helping us decide on a camp and I am so thankful that I gave in to sending my son to sleepaway. It was a magical experience for all of us, and I was so glad we were able to give it to him! I’m a believer now!”

“Visiting day this past summer may have been the happiest day of mine and my husband’s life. We were floored by the relationships that she made this past summer at a camp we chose to switch her to with the help of Summer 365. From the moment we contacted them, until the day we made our final choice, we felt certain that we were finally going down the right path. We were honest about our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and what she might need in order to succeed. Even after we chose our daughters new camp, Summer 365 was always there to answer questions and help prepare us for the summer. Summer 365 is like my personal information guru. Thank you!”



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“Summer 365, what I like to refer to as the fresh and modern camp advisor service. They are incredible business women and have really innovated the game and service provided to their families.” – Laurie