Top 10 Reasons We're Thankful for Camp

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As the Thanksgiving and holiday season approaches, we have many reasons to be thankful.

Loving family. Kind friends. Roofs over our heads. Golden turkeys on the dinner table. While you think of all the people and things you’re thankful for, consider those who are not as fortunate. Not just this holiday season, but year round. We should always be thankful and help care for others when and where we can. So as you sit around your holiday table this year, think about what you can do, starting now, to pay it forward and show your thanks. Volunteer as a family at a local homeless shelter. Donate canned goods to a nearby food bank. Help assemble packages for those overseas. And always remember how fortunate we are to have been given or to give the gift of camp.

The gift of camp is more than two months away from homework, soccer practice, and the school play. Camp is a place to be yourself and let go of any fears that stopped you from trying new things at home. Camp is a judgement free zone where people encourage you to be your best self. Your best self that can be carried through the year and holiday season to come. Camp is a place to be thankful for all that you can do and accomplish. 

Gratitude is our attitude and in that spirit, we want to share our top 10 reasons we are thankful for the camp experience this year (and every year)!!!

Summer 365’s Top 10 Reasons We’re Thankful for Camp:

  1. Opportunity to try new things. Waterski, hiking trips, photography, archery, and the list goes on. Camp allows for new experiences that can spark passions a you never knew they had.
  2. Independence. Choosing your own activities, making your bed, being responsible for all equipment and getting to places on time. Camp instills a sense of independence and responsibility that can be brought back home.
  3. Rolling down hills. Because when was the last time you were out in nature and did that just for fun anywhere else?
  4. Pajama breakfasts. There’s nothing better than donuts, hot chocolate and your 10 best friends around the table after an extra hour of sleep!
  5. Traditions. Every camp is full of ‘em. Sing, color war, cheers, handshakes. You learn them, live them and breathe them all year round.
  6. Meeting new people. Camps attract people and staff from all around the country and world. You learn to forge friendships, build relationships, and these connections will remain with you for a lifetime. Plus, now you have someone to visit next time your family decides to go to Australia or England!
  7. Silliness. When was the last time you let go of everything and just got silly? Have a fashion show walk off. Do Mad Libs as a cabin. Relive something hilarious from that day. Camp brings about endless smiles and laughter until your belly hurts the next morning.
  8. Overcoming fears. Whether is serious stage fright or the height of the rock climbing wall, we all have conquered fears at camp. With constant encouragement, you can’t fail at camp. You may still sing off key, but here, no one cares and love you all the same.  
  9. Candy Canteen and s’mores. We had to put them in somewhere! 
  10. The best friends you will ever have. Those who get it just know – camp friends are the best friends. They see you at your worst and your best. They never judge and will support you in every endeavor. They become your family for life and the 10 months spent apart during the year only brings you closer. And they are just as thankful for you as you are for them.  

Sending many warm wishes for a safe, wonderful, fun, and yummy Thanksgiving from our Summer 365 family to yours!!


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