Which Visiting Day Parent Are You?

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The Parent who Talks too Much

This parent loves to chit chat. Whether it is to your child’s counselor, to your child’s bunkmates, or to the directors, the chatting and joking is non-stop fun! But remember, what happens at camp is supposed to stay at camp…

The Parent who Brings too Much Food

This parent probably just spent their life savings at the super market. You begin to question if it is even possible for a child to consume all that food in two days.

The Parent Who Brings Only Healthy Food

This parent is king or queen of Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Between the dried strawberries and organic dark chocolate, the child of this parent will definitely be eating most of their friends’ candy.

The Parent who is Sobbing the Whole Day

Visiting day can be an emotional roller coaster… you are seeing you baby for the first time in weeks. They’ve grown so much and gotten so mature. You can hardly believe your eyes.

The Parent who has Planned the Event as if it’s a Family Wedding

Yes, we all know visiting day is the most counted-down day of the summer and the day you prepare most for… but this parent has not only gone to EVERY store to make sure they have every candy, dessert, or sweet item that they could imagine, but also every new camp item they sell.

The Parent who Cries Harder than their Child when they Leave 

You try to hide it with your dark sunglasses, but you are not fooling anyone… make these happy tears! Your child is having the time of their life!

The Parent who Never Leaves

Yes, we would all like to stay forever (trust us!)… but it really is your time to go…

The Parent who is Running Late

Don’t worry, we have ALL been that parent!! Those visiting day parking lots are a doozy. No need to panic, you will get there and it will be a great day no matter what!

The Parent who Takes too Many Pictures

So many pictures, so little time! You missed your little one so much that you want to capture each moment on camera so you can hold onto this day for the rest of the summer.

The Parent who is Obsessed with Sunscreen

Whether you are the parent who brought up 100 new bottles of sunscreen, or the one reapplying lotion on their child every 30 minutes, there is ALWAYS the parent that you can smell from their sunscreen a mile away.

The Parent who Wishes they were Still a Camper

You participate in all camps activities for the day…pick up of game up basketball, quick set of tennis, ropes course and zip line…you do it ALL! You are living vicariously through your child for 24 hours!

The Parent who is Dying to Jump in the Lake 

Oh yes, its hot and its sweaty and that lake is so tempting… JUMP IN!

The Parent who is a Camp Alumni

The day is spent reminiscing on now and then and reliving the good old days. You make your child check every spot in camp where your name is written. This parent can often be heard saying “when I was camper…,” saying hi to all the old timer staff, and singing camp cheers.

The Parents who Pick their Lawn Spot and Never Move

Chilling out is always a good way to go, we can’t blame you, and would love to be joining you.

The Parents who Get it

This is the perfect camp parent.  You are the parents who can’t stop smiling because you know that you have given your child the best gift of all — the gift of CAMP! Your child is so happy and that makes you even happier :)

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