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Sleepaway Camp Tips For Parents from Summer 365

There’s nothing like your first…camper!

4.4.17 by

In our newest series, Sum Things to Know, we will be interviewing real moms about the do’s, don’ts, wishes, wants, favorite things, and fun times! Here at Summer 365, we give you the best advice because we have the experience to back it up!

First, we are hearing from Hallie Grodin, who is so excited about sending her son to camp for the first time. Check out what she has to say about being a mom to all boys, getting “that feeling” at the right camp, and the magic of experiencing camp through the eyes of a child.

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March Madness

3.28.17 by

March Madness is here! It’s exciting, a bit stressful, can be competitive, but should always be fun! Do you think we’re just talking about college basketball season? Nope! Choosing a summer camp or travel program for your child can be a hectic experience, but we are here to be your guides.

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Make Your Camper’s Bunk Their Home Away From Home!

3.23.17 by

We are so excited it’s camp shopping season! We have an exclusive offer for Summer 365 clients and friends at our favorite one stop camp shop – Lester’s – who will get you set up with everything need with their camp shopping appointments! Read more about our top 10 tips for making your campers bunk their home away from home.

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snow day

Snow Day Activities

3.14.17 by

Summer 265 HQ is bundled up today! Even though it’s supposed to be spring, we are enjoying a major snow day here in NYC. And even in this spring storm, we are finding ways to prepare for summer… If you’re stuck indoors today too, plan some activities to keep your campers happy in the bunk:

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Spring Cleaning: Summer Style

3.10.17 by

While it might be a bit early to start packing your trunks (but hey, whatever gets you through!), spring is always a good time to reset and refresh. Here are our best tips for staying organized and getting your family ready for summer:

  1. Roll Call: even though you may not be thinking about bathing suits and shorts just yet, now is the best time to go through your closets and see what you’re working with. Put on some tunes, play dress up, have a summer party indoors!
  2. Go to Your Room: designate a room or area in your house that will be the “summer” room. Put all the trunks and gear in there so it doesn’t clutter your child’s room. Soon you will start visiting it to dream of warmer months…
  3. Wish I May: when your eager campers are yearning for the summer, have them make a wish-list of things they want this year. Create the perfect care package months ahead of time!
  4. Mission CAMP-possible: set goals for your family of when to make lists, go shopping, and pack up the trunks. A calendar will keep you organized and crossing off the days will keep the kids energized!
  5.  Talk it Out: make sure the whole squad is on the same page. Even though this part isn’t physically cleaning anything, having your family discuss questions or concerns opens up a space for kids to feel comfortable and excited about the adventure ahead.

You are so ready to take this on – enjoy it! Now only three months to go…


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International Women’s Day

3.8.17 by

Today we celebrate our team full of strong, fabulous, camp-loving, passionate women who each and every day dedicate themselves to giving the gift of an overnight summer experience to children everywhere.


Summer 365 Counselors

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