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A recap from Summer 365’s Camp Decision 2021 Webinar

If you missed our Webinar a few weeks back, do not worry! We are sharing a few key highlights below. To receive access to our exclusive resources or begin the sleepaway camp search process, contact us!

These are the smiles of future happy campers who are excited and ready to go to camp in summer 2021. ⁣⁣

⁣These past few weekends many of our families packed up their cars, hit the road, and headed to the great outdoors to go on advenTOURs to visit sleepaway camps. Some have simply clicked on a link to “Zoom” right into their overnight camp search. ⁣⁣
Ok so you’re thinking, how could I possibly think about sending my child away from home now and why plan so far in advance for summer 2021? We know we know (!), it might seem crazy when so much has been changing and so much is uncertain including the school year ahead. And if you’re not in this headspace and living life on day by day survival mode we get it and we feel you. However, if and when you’re ready to make the shift, there are countless benefits not only for investing in a sleepaway camp experience but also starting to plan, prepare, and execute (a different kind of PPE) now with in person or virtual tours. Here’s why! ⁣⁣

🏕 Get into nature: After a long stretch of time indoors and disconnected from social interactions, we know and believe in the power, value, and importance of a positive overnight camp experience more than ever. Take a day or weekend to see the magic of camp firsthand. It’s a fun outdoor activity and change of scenery for the whole family. 

🏗 Build up courage, enthusiasm, and confidence for this new experience: Fear is a common response to new challenges or experiences. These situations make children feel uncertain, vulnerable, and anxious. As a result, many children avoid the unfamiliar. They prefer not to risk attempting something new, leading to missed opportunities. Taking your future camper on an in person tour or getting them involved on a video chat will help take the idea of camp from concept to reality. You and your child will get a personal feel of the campus and have your future sleepaway camper see firsthand where they’ll eat, sleep, and play. A visual introduction and familiarity with a new place, especially for young kids in particular, is very helpful to empower a future camper and get them excited and in control. 

🔎 Take your search to the next level: We truly believe, and have always said, camps are run from the top down. The summer more than ever it’s so important to get to know the camp directors and their leadership teams. They are the heartbeat of their camps. Finding the connection that resonates most strongly with you is integral in making an educated decision about the sleepaway camp that is right fit. On in person and virtual tours you’ll get intimate access to these people!  

😎 Future looks so bright you’ll need to wear shades: This school year we might be in for a bumpy ride ahead. Finding the best fit camp for your child will give them something concrete to look forward to and a new community to be a part of. 

Just remember, our camp consulting service was created with one goal in mind: to help you find the perfect and best fit sleepaway camp for your child and family. And like a good camp friend, we’re here for you WHENEVER you’re ready. We’ll be your counselors, your guides, your eyes and ears. Just remember we’re all in this together.

To sunnier days ahead… summer 2021 is looking incredibly bright!


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